What are the 2 Ways to use the Web Browser for Roku?

One of the most common requests of the Roku users is to know access the web browser for Roku. Regrettably, there is no subject that the web browser includes one of the channels on the Roku device. There are only two of web browser channels. These include the Media browser along with the Reddit browser. Both of them are full-featured browsers. The media browser only allows playing movies, tv, and music, where are the Reddit browser is not a free platform to access. This doesn’t mean that you are stuck in the situation. Thankfully there are two ways by which you can use the web browser for Roku.com/link and these ways are discussed in this article. So let’s get started!

web browser for roku

How to cast a Roku web browser from Windows 10?

The easiest and convenient method to use the web browser for Roku is by casting a browser from Windows 10 PC. It is the way to cast the web browser with minimal resolutions in the process. It is only possible with a new technology that is known as Miracast. You can monitor any device that supports the technology such as Roku devices. To use the technology, you need to rub the latest version of the Windows 10 machine. The moment you are ready you need to select the small notification icon from the desktop on Windows 10. To cast a Roku web browser you need to select how you wish to project the screen with an option that includes, the options as directed below:

  • PC screen only Duplicate the main computer screen to the Roku device.
  • Project only to the Roku device and do not display anything on the PC.
  • You need to choose the option you prefer and extend the most common choice.
  • Select your preferred option and select the option “Connect to a wireless display” from the list.
  • The moment you will do this, you will see the list of devices that are connected.
  • Choose the Roku device from the list and you will see the TV screen in the background.

How to use a free web browser for Roku?

You can launch your favorite web browser or if you want Facebook to watch Roku you have to drag it on the TV since it is an extended screen for Windows 10. Just browse the web and display any page you like. Anyone who will see the TV will watch activities on the Roku internet browser. If you wish to play the videos from the streaming site you need to visit the site and browser the same video that you wish to play. You just need to browse the web and display the page. For the best Roku experience, you need to keep that in mind that any sound for the video will come from the computer.

How to disconnect the Roku internet browser?

Whenever you completed the casting of your web browser to the Roku device, you need to go back to the PC monitor. From the top of the screen, you will see the connection status for the Roku device. Just tap on the “Disconnect” option to disconnect the connection. The TV display will now switch back to the Roku screen and then you can continue using the Roku as normal either with the Roku remote or the Roku internet browser.

To conclude:

We hope that this article has given you enough insights related to discussing web browser for Roku. However, if the article doesn’t help you enough you can visit the official website of Roku and get assistance on the same topic of discussion. On the website, you will get the guidelines and instructions for the ways to use the web browser for Roku.

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